Spring Break Calendar
For School-Aged Program






19 Mar 20 Mar 21 Mar 22 Mar 23 Mar
Super Funz Day

Castle Top Show
11:15am – Noon

Ahoy Pirates

Purple Pirate Show
11:15am – Noon
Mystical & Magic

Norden the Magician
11:15am – Noon

For Deep cleaning
of Centre
Cost $15.00 Cost $15.00 Cost $20.00 Cost $15.00


26 Mar 27 Mar 28 Mar 29 Mar 30 Mar
Wonders of

Urban Safari
11am - Noon
Super Heroes
The Rescue

Easter Party Time

Art, Basket
Egg Hunt & Games

Vancouver Puppet
9:30am – 10:15am
Cost $15.00 No Cost No Cost Cost $20.00  

March 19th Imagination & Lego
Bring Lego Creation from home for show & tel
Workshop on Lego and take home project

Cost $15.00
All day fee $15.00
March 20th Super Funz Day
Performance by Castle Top

Cost $15.00
All day fee $15.00
March 21st Ahoy Pirates
Dress like a pirate
Bring any Pirate Toys
Performance by the renowned Purple Pirates

Cost $20.00
All Day Fee $15.00
March 22nd Mystical & Magic
Performance by Norden the Magician

Cost $15.00
All Day Fee $15.00
March 23rd Centre Closed for Deep Cleaning
March 26th Wonders of Animals
Bring in your favorite stuffie or Plush animal
Bring in your favorite Animal Book
Performance by Urban Safari

Cost $15.00
All day fee $15.00
March 27th Super Heroes to the Rescue
Bring in your favorite Super Hero Toys
Dress up like your favorite super hero or just wear a cool superhero shirt

No Cost
All day fee $15.00
March 28th Easter Party & Fun
Pot Luck Lunch – bring in your items to share
Easter Movie

No Cost
All day fee $15.00
March 29th Puppetry
Bring in your favorite Puppet
Bring in a book to create puppets for
Performance by the Renowned Vancouver Puppet Theatre

Cost $20.00
All day fee $15.00
March 30th CLOSED Good Friday

All money and confirmation of attendance is Due March 5th.  All children attending the Centre during Spring Break must pay any Activity Cost for our guest plus the all-day fee.  These fees are in addition to your regular monthly fees which are due regardless of attendance. Please pay only for the days that your child will be attending the Centre.  There will be no refunds issued. 

Please be at the Centre by 9:30AM everyday as we do have a packed daily schedule of activities that may include short outings.  If your group has already left the Centre, your child cannot stay at the Centre as there will be no afterschool teachers on site.  So please be on time.  If you are going to be late, please call us. 

Please bring a lunch every day with extra snacks.  Make sure your child has a water bottle, back pack, rain gear and a change of clothes.  It is important to dress for the weather as we will be going outside every day rain or shine.