Sir Andrew’s MRT Childcare Centres accepts Government Childcare Subsidy. The Childcare Subsidy is a monthly amount paid by the government for your child’s care. The monies are paid directly to the centre and subtracted from the parent’s total monthly fee. Any amounts remaining are the parent’s responsibility and must be paid by the 1st of every month.

Subsidy is dependant on your current family income, the number of days your child is enrolled at the Centre and your family situation. You must apply for subsidy at the Service Canada Office that services your residential address. You will be required to provide family and income information to a Childcare Worker who will determine eligibility for subsidy

The current maximum* monthly government subsidy amounts are as follows:

Aged 19 - 36 months enrolled more than 4 hours $635.00/month
Aged 19 - 36 months enrolled less than 4 hours $317.50/month
37 months but not attending school enrolled less than 4 hours $275.00/month
37 months but not attending school enrolled more than 4 hours $550.00/month
School aged during school $210.00/month
School aged during summer $415.00/month

*Maximum amounts are set by the Government and subject to change
**This chart is a guide line only--actual subsidy amounts received will depend on factors outside the Centre’s control

Subsidies are valid only for set time period and must be renewed to remain valid. The centre will provide parents with a reminder notice 30 days before the subsidy expires. It is recommended that you apply for renewals at least one month prior to the expiry date to avoid delays.

Parents are responsible for making sure the Centre has the Subsidy Authorization Forms by the 1st of the month, this includes both new authorizations and renewals. If we have not received a subsidy authorization, you will be asked to pay your child’s fees in full. The subsidy amount will be refunded when we receive the subsidy payment. All late subsidies are subject to a $30.00 per month late fee as these are classed as part of your fees. Late Charges will start after subsidy papers are one month overdue.