Junior Kindergarten Program

For children aged 2 ½ to 5 years and not attending Kindergarten
Runs from Sept - June

Children attend all day just like regular kindergarten. While the program is available from 7am – 6pm our structured program winds down around 4:30pm. The program is offered 5 days a week but there are also 3 and 2 day options available. The 3 and 2 day options have set days for attendance and cannot be changed except at the beginning of a month and then only when space permits.

The children participate in a structured learning program using the best of Montessori, Reggio and Traditional teaching methods. Children learn the basics of reading, maths and science including counting, alphabet recognition, and printing. Children will also be introduced to the arts including music, and various mediums of art from drawing and painting to making things out of common household items. Cooking is also part of the curriculum. Children will be guided in the methods of cooking mouth watering delights to take home. Physical and group activities are used to promote physical fitness and social interaction. Occasional fieldtrips are used to enhance the learning experience.

The centre provides one AM & two PM Snacks. No lunch is provided. Breakfast can be provided to those who attend the centre before 8:00am