School Aged Program

For children 5 – 12 years and attending school  
Runs from Sept - June
Open during Spring Break and Non-Instructional Days for an extra fee

This program is offered 5 days a week from 7am – 6pm but the structured program winds down around 4:30pm after which children are directed to do homework, read or socialize quietly. 

Children are dropped off at the centre in the morning and picked up from the centre at the end of the day.  Children are walked to school by Centre staff for their morning classes and are picked up by Centre staff at the end of the school day.  Children may be dropped off or picked up from school by their parents or guardians but this must be arranged with the Centre prior to the pick up or drop off.  If your child attends afterschool activities, please make sure that the Centre is aware of your child’s schedule. 

On non-instructional days and school holidays, children may attend the centre all day for an extra fee.

The morning session before school is used for group activities and reading.  The afternoon program is a structured program that includes learning circles with workbooks for counting, printing and spelling.  Lessons will also include reading as well as science and art projects.  There will also be time for cooking and music instruction.  Fieldtrips on non-instructional days or school holidays are used to enhance the learning experience and expand the children’s horizons.  

Two PM Snacks are provided by the Centre.  Breakfast can be provided for those children who attend before 8:00am.  Parents must provide a snack for recess and a lunch for school.  Depending on the school, your child can participate in a hot lunch program where a set lunch is provided for your child for a small fee.  Parents must provide a lunch for their child on all non-instructional days and school holidays where your child attends the centre all day.