For Kindergarten Parents Only

The centre will give any child entering Kindergarten a note to register at the local school. Children may attend the local school even though they do not live in district, if they are attending the centre. Parents must provide all the information and hand the forms personally into the school office. The Centre will hand in a letter confirming that your child will be attending the Centre.

Children attend Kindergarten all day then come back to the Centre to participate in the School-Aged Program. Children may attend the centre all day for Spring Break and Non-instructional days. As the children will be attending the centre all day, there will be an extra fee charged. If your child will not be attending, please inform the staff. There will be no refunds for days not attended either during school or non school days.

Unique to Kindergarten is the Gradual Entry System. During the first day of school, Kindergarteners will go to school for one hour only. Each subsequent day the children will increase the time spent at school until by the end of the week children are attending school all day. During this time children will be picked up by staff and returned to the centre to participate in the School-Aged Program. There will be no extra charges during this week.

Please ensure your child is appropriately dressed for walking to and from school. Children should have an umbrella and raincoat for rainy days. If you dress your child in school clothes that are not appropriate for getting dirty, please leave a change of clothes for them at the centre.

Children must be at the centre by 8:30am on school days and 9:00am on school holidays or non-instructional days. Children are walked to school and picked up at school. Parents may drop off or pick up their child but you must inform the centre before doing so. If we drop of a child at school we are expecting them to be picked up at the end of school.

All children must have a knapsack to carry things to and from kindergarten.

Please provide a snack for recess and a bagged lunch or register them for a hot lunch program if available at your school. If your child attends the centre at Spring Break or on Non-Instructional Days, please provide your child with a bagged lunch. The centre will provide PM Snack. If your child attends the centre before 7:30am, the centre can provide breakfast as well.

Please give any notices or special memos that need to be taken to school to a staff member or inform the staff that the notice is in your child’s backpack. We will see that the items are handed in.

We will also try to have extra notices and school news available. We will post them on the Notice board in case you misplace or didn’t get yours. Please pass on school happenings, newsletters or memos in case we missed them.

Please provide your child with a knapsack to carry things to and from school.

If your child becomes sick at school, staff will pick up your child and contact you with a report. You may be required to pick up your child if he/she is too sick to participate in the program. There are no facilities for sick children. Sometimes the school will call you directly. Please let them know that we will pick up your child on your behalf; just give us a phone call. We will contact you back with a report once we have picked up your child.