Sir Andrew’s MRT Childcare Centre’s operates on parental fees. As we are a non-profit society we try to minimize the fees as much as possible. Unfortunately, in doing so sometimes extras such as repairs, new appliances, and new toys are not in the budget. Instead of just forgetting about them, we try to raise funds to purchase them.

We do four fundraisers a year and we need your support to make them successful. However, at a minimum, we ask that all parents raise the designated amount for each fundraiser or donate the percentage of the monies that the Centre would have made from your efforts

The Centre sells Regal and Avon Catalogue items as an ongoing fundraiser. Catalogues are available at the parent table. Please pass these books onto friends, co-workers, neighbours and family. The Centre gets 10 to 25% of any monies spent by parents and staff. Percentages are determined by the amount purchased. Orders are due by the date posted on the catalogues.

The centre collects Canadian Tire Money as an on going fundraiser. Please deposit in the box on the Parent table. Collect CT Money from friends, co-workers and neighbours