If at any time you have a disagreement with a centre’s procedures or policies, please do not hesitate to talk to the staff member directly. Staff will not be offended because we believe in good parent-staff communications. However, if you find that you are still not satisfied, please speak to the supervisor at the centre in question.

If you have exhausted all reasonable solutions and you are still unable to come to an agreement, please forward a written complaint to the Society’s Board of Directors at our Boundary Centre located on BBoundary Street, Burnaby, BC, V5J 1G4. The board will strive to resolve the complaint as timely as possible.

Please remember the staff are only human (not super human) and try their very best at all times to care for your child thus ensuring the safety and well being of your child. So if you have any concerns at all either about your child or the behaviour of the staff, please come and talk to any of the staff. We won’t bite.