Toys From Home

Children may bring one of their own toys each day. Toys should be one of the acceptable sharing toys* listed below. A staff member must OK toys not on the list before your child can bring in the toy. All items must be shared in the same manner in which the centre’s toys are shared. If the toy is not shared it is returned to the child’s cubbie. If the toy has a hard time staying in the child’s cubbie, the staff will remove the toy and return it to the parent when the child is leaving.

Toys must be labelled with your child’s name or initials. All toys must be taken home each night and no one else is allowed to take someone else’s’ toy home except by prearrangement between parents. Although we try out best, please avoid sending delicate toys that may break. We do not take responsibility for loss or damage to the toys.

*Acceptable Sharing toys are anything that two people can use and share at the same time. Daycare and Preschool programs are war free zones. This means that absolutely no weapons or war toys allowed. School-Aged children have some exceptions; so if you don’t see the toy listed, please see a staff member.

Acceptable Sharing toys
Lego, blocks, tinker toys, 2 cars, 2 dolls, games, books, tapes, colouring books, felts, crayons, musical instruments, balls, 2 figurines, puzzles, puppets, 2 Barbie’s and their accessories, etc..