Safety Rules

For the safety and well being of all children present at the centre, please:

1. Close all gates and doors upon entering or leaving the area

2. Make sure you acknowledge staff upon arrival and departure

3. Never leave medication in your child’s cubbie or bag

4. Never leave your child unattended in the car

5. Never leave your car idling in the parking lot

6. Never let your child go out before you are ready

7. Make sure you sign in and sign out your child. Do not allow them to use the book. This is for adults only

8. Your child must wear footwear at all times unless otherwise noted

9. No scarves allowed. This is a choking hazard on playgrounds

10. Do not let your child open or close outside yard gates or climb up on them

11. All vitamins must be taken at home

12. We ask that no nuts be brought onto the premises due to severe nut allergies at the centre. Read all food labels and look for the peanut free symbol.

13. Inform the centre of any change in pick up persons either additions or deletions

14. Inform the centre if your child is sick and won’t be attending the centre

15. Inform the centre if you are dropping off or picking up your child at elementary school or they went home sick.

16. Inform the centre of any personal information changes such as phone numbers and address

17. Never let the child enter the centre by itself. Walk in with them.

18. Chewing gum is not allowed at the centre

19. No toy weapons or toys with weapons are allowed at the centre

20. Please use parking stalls

21. Do not park in the lane or access routes

22. Do not allow your child to play on the stairs

23. Do not park where the playground gate is

24. Do not share your child’s food with other children without asking a staff due to allergies or food restrictions

25. Do not allow your child to run loose through the parking lot

26. Please do not use glass containers or bottles

27. Do not send your sick child to the center. Please keep them at home for a few days of rest

28. In the winter months beware of the icy parking lot and playground areas

29. Please use caution and hold onto the hand rails when using the stairs especially during wet weather conditions

30. When orange cones are present this means the area is off limits to parking

31. Please drive slowly and cautiously in the parking lots

32. Please walk carefully as floors and stairs could be slippery and wet

Fire drills and evacuation methods are practiced monthly throughout all centres. Each staff is familiar and knows all routines and exits should anything arise.

The centre follows the law regarding reporting child abuse or neglect (suspected or evident). A report will be filed with Social Services if any doubts arise.

The Centre has an Earthquake Emergency Kit and staff members have all been trained on the procedures if we should suffer an earthquake.