Only yourself and any persons listed on the registration form are allowed to pick up your child from the centre. We will not release your child to anyone who is not on the list unless we have received a call from you indicating your permission. If you would like to add or delete from your list, please inform the staff immediately.

If someone other than the person stated on the Sign In & Out Sheet is picking up your child and it is a person the staff has not met before, please give a brief description so that staff can recognize that person.

If a staff member is unsure of anyone picking up a child they will ask for ID. Please inform all designated pick up persons of this fact.

Please note: We will not release a child to anyone under the age of twelve or to anyone, in the staff’s opinion, who is intoxicated or otherwise incapable of caring for your child. Instead we will phone the parent or alternate contact to discuss the situation. Should the situation escalate, the police may become involved for the safety of everyone present.