Miscellaneous Items

The centre will hang reminders and place bulletins on notice boards, walls and doors. Please take the time to peruse the news and information about the happenings at the Centre at least once a week so you don’t miss something for your child.

Your child will do at least one art project per day. Please take them home daily or at least every Friday and display them on your fridge for at least the weekend. Your child worked hard on each project and would love the praise. Don’t just throw it out as soon as you see it.

On nice days, we may stroll through the neighbourhood or stop at one of the nearby parks. Both centres are equipped with answering machines so if we don’t answer just leave a message.

If you go on a vacation, the centre would love to receive a post card so all your child’s friends can see where your child went. It is very exciting for children to receive mail. If you would like to participate, please obtain the centre’s address before vacationing.

At Sir Andrew’s we like to visit the seniors at the neighbouring care homes. This is a wonderful experience for both groups. The children and seniors participate in a variety of activities. The children are supervised carefully as they are on all fieldtrips.

We have a lost and found rack. Please check periodically for your child’s lost items.