Breakfast is served to those in the Junior Kindergarten Program and the School-Aged program who are early risers and attendees. Breakfast is only served between the hours of 7:00am and 8:00am. After this time breakfast is not available. You are also welcomed to bring in your own child’s breakfast. Breakfast menus are made up in advance and staff will make the decision on what is served that morning. Breakfast items can include eggs, cereal, pancakes, biscuits, toast, oatmeal, breakfast bars, yogurt, muffins, etc.

Snacks including juice or milk or water are provided by the centre. There is one morning snack (AM) and two afternoon snacks (PM). The first PM snack is served after nap. The second PM snack is served to those still at the centre at 4:30pm. Parents must provide children enrolled in the School-Aged program with a morning snack for recess during school days

AM snack is served to children enrolled in the Junior Kindergarten and Preschool Programs. The PM snacks are served to children enrolled in the Junior Kindergarten and School-Aged Programs. AM Snack is also served to children enrolled in the School-Aged Program if they are attending the centre all day such as on school holidays and Non-Instructional days.

Children are also welcomed to finish their lunch for an afternoon snack. If your child is on a restricted diet, you are welcome to bring in the snacks as we cannot accommodate all special requests. Snacks consist of a bowl of fruit or veggies and another course decided by the staff. Weekly menus are available upon request.

Also included at Snack Time is our Sharing Basket. Each child is required to bring in a piece of fruit or veggie everyday or enough for a week. The item is shared with all the children in their group. This promotes sharing.

We also welcome any snacks that the parent/child wish to bring in and share, especially during our multicultural week, Chinese New Year, Party days and other special holidays. PLEASE NO NUTS


Lunch is provided by the parents for all programs. Children in the school-aged group will have their lunch at school. If available, you can have your child enrolled in the Hot Lunch program at your school for a small fee.

Lunch should be a complete nutritional lunch. Please pack the lunch in a lunch kit with your child’s name clearly marked. Children are expected to sit at a table, practice good table manners and clean up their area before being excused.

All our facilities include a stove and microwave to heat up portions of your child’s lunch. If you would like something to be warmed up, please inform the staff in the morning. Please make sure your child’s name is on the container.

Please put your child’s lunch in the kitchen on the table or counter. Please include an ice pack in your child’s lunch to keep items fresh and cool. We cannot put 25 lunches in our fridge

All cutlery, cups, plates will be provided by the centre. Please keep yours at home as they might become lost. No glass bottles or containers are allowed for children’s safety.

Your child’s lunch should include:
  • A main course
  • A veggie
  • A fruit
  • A dessert
  • A snack item
  • A water bottle

Remember it is always better to provide your child with more than less as a child’s appetite changes rapidly. Sometimes little portions and more items are better than one big portion so that the child gets a variety and all their daily needs.

If a child has forgotten or missed their lunch, the centre will provide one for a $5.00 fee per lunch provided. This is an emergency service and is not meant to be a permanent service. We do not have the facilities or the time to cook lunch for all the children attending the Centre.

The centre provides one hot lunch per month. Sometimes there may be a small charge for this meal or we may ask for a Pot Luck style lunch where each child brings in a dish to share with the group. Dates will be announced at the beginning of each month. If your child does not want to participate in the Hot Lunch for the month, they are welcome to bring their lunch on that day as well. However, we will get them to try our lunch first.

If your child has any religious food restrictions or food allergies, please check with staff on the hot lunch menu. We try our best to accommodate but we can’t always do so.