Health and Safety

For the well being of the other children and/or staff, please keep your child at home when there is any question of illness such as a fever over 100F; severe cough or yellow-green nasal discharge; nausea; red, watery or yellow discharge from eyes; diarrhoea; an unidentified rash, vomiting or contagious infection. Your child needs to be well enough to participate in all the centre’s activities including outdoor play. We cannot keep a child inside or exclude them from the daily program as we need to keep staff/child ratios.

All illnesses or communicable infections must be reported to the centre so that we may monitor the other children and let other parents know. We are also required to report all communicable infections to our local Health Department as stated by the Childcare Regulation Act. If you or your child is exposed to an illness or communicable infection, please notify the centre at once, as your child could be a carrier. All info is kept confidential.

The centre has incubation periods for all contagious illnesses and they must be followed to ensure the well being of others. You may also be asked to produce a note from your child’s doctor stating a clean bill of health. A form is available from the centre, but a note on the doctor’s stationary is sufficient.

Should your child become ill at the centre you will be contacted immediately and you will be required to have your child picked up. You are allowed three hours to make any necessary arrangements, so please have emergency and alternative pick-ups available. Please keep your child at home until he/she is well.

The staff has the right to refuse any child into the centre they feel is too ill or unfit to participate in the centres activities. It is important that you do not bring your sick child to the centre. You are only spreading the germs to our other children and staff. It is not restful for your child to be at the centre. They must be well enough to participate in all the programs activities.

All medical and emergency information must be kept up-to-date at all times. This includes allergies, change in Doctors, etc. It is also important to inform the staff of any changes to your child’s health or family life that may reflect on their behaviour.

Upon entering the centre you will have to sign an emergency consent card. This form gives the centre permission to make decisions concerning your child during an injury or emergency.

You must provide the centre with a copy or dates of your child’s immunizations or sign a release form stating they are or are not up-to-date before attending St. Andrew’s Childcare Centres. Due to the closeness of the children in the centre, immunizations should be considered.

In case of an outbreak and your child has not been immunized he/she will be asked to leave and not return until the incubation period has passed as defined by the Burnaby Health Department.

If your child has an allergy to something, please inform the centre. State the cause of the allergy, symptoms and any remedies required. We may require a doctor’s note.

We are a nut free centre and request that all children refrain from bringing nuts or nut products into the centre. This includes peanut butter.

The staff is allowed to give medication. However, before any medication can be administered, a medicine consent form must be filled out and signed by the parent. Forms are available from the staff. If you have trouble filling one out, just ask a staff member.

Medicine must be given to a staff member. Under no circumstances is the medicine allowed to be in a child’s cubbie, bag or pocket. This is a safety precaution for all present at the centre. All medicine is stored in the centre’s medicine box. The medication must be in the original bottle. Please indicate if it needs to be refrigerated and go over all instructions with the staff.

Lice is a communicable infection and unfortunately occurs quite often especially with school aged children. It bears no relation to cleanliness or parental skills.

Lice will spread to every child at the centre if it is left untreated. Keeping it a secret will just prolong the lice problem. If the centre is told, the staff can take all precautions to prevent the spread to other children.

If your child develops lice you must inform the centre immediately. All information will remain confidential. If live lice are discovered on your child you will be phoned for immediate pick up. Staff will give you all the information on how to treat and get rid of the Lice.

Children must complete one shampooing before returning to the centre. In some cases, your child may be asked to stay at home for one week. If the Lice on your child is lasting more than 14 days your child may be asked to stay home a further seven days to get extensive treatment to rid him/her of all the lice and eggs.

All staff has Standard First Aid and will do their best decision making when it comes to your child’s health, injuries and safety. However, we recommend that if parents are unsure of their child’s health, they should visit their doctor as soon as possible.

For minor injuries, the staff will provide first aid and inform the parent of the incident upon pick up.

If a serious accident occurs the staff will administer first aid and if necessary your child will be taken to emergency and you will be contacted. If you are unavailable a message will be left at your home and place of work. If you are unavailable or unable to take your child to emergency, a staff member will take and stay with your child until the parents are present.

For both types of injuries, an injury report will be filed for any concerns or complaints you might have regarding the incident