During the year we will be going on outings to enhance the learning experience of our programs. Some trips will require a charge others will be included in your monthly fee. Information will always be posted as far in advance as possible. However, some trips may be spontaneous if the weather is nice. We will post notices of our return time on the doors.

Please ensure your child is on time, as we can't wait for late arrivals. Departure times are always announced well ahead of the event. No refund on fieldtrip fees will be given if your child is late or away that day unless there are extenuating circumstances.

With your registration form you filled out a fieldtrip consent form that is good for the entire time your child is enrolled at the centre. However, if there is a fieldtrip you do not wish your child to attend, please inform the staff. Your child will be asked to remain at home during the trip, as we do not have enough staff to supervise children not going on the fieldtrip. There will be no refund for the loss of the day.