Arriving and Going Home

When arriving in the morning, we know it is hard-but try to leave enough time to help your child settle in by helping them with their coat and shoes; getting them involved in an activity with other children; greeting the staff, etc before rushing out. This helps your child make the transition from home to the centre. Also remember to do a quick information exchange with the staff before leaving.

Upon arrival please greet a staff as it is important that you bring your child to a staff member or make sure the staff member acknowledges their arrival. When departing make sure you acknowledge a staff member before rushing off, so that they realize your child is leaving.

Please make sure you leave enough time both in the morning and evening so both you and your child are not hurried. Always make sure you say goodbye in the morning, never sneak out as your child needs to know you are gone. Once you say goodbye do not prolong your departure especially if your child is crying. This only makes it harder on you and your child. A staff member will stay with your child until they feel secure. Please feel free to secretly pop your head in after a few minutes or give us a call from work to see how your child is doing.

To help make the transition from the centre to home easier, please greet your child, find out what he/she is doing and tell him/her how soon you must go. Offer to help him/her clean their activity up before leaving. Note: we insist that the children clean their area before leaving so please do not encourage your child to leave before doing so.

Please make sure when you tell your child that it is time to go that you do not spend another 5 minutes looking around and talking to a staff member. Children find it hard to understand why they must leave their task and stand around. If your child is engrossed in an activity and you don’t have to go immediately, leave your child at the activity with a 5 minute warning then take the time to read the notices, talk with staff and watch your child at play. This way all your business is done and your child is not waiting around.

Please note: It is the centre’s policy that once a parent arrives for pick up it is time for the child to go home. You cannot come in, and then leave to come back later because your child wants to stay and play. Be firm.

Routines like this should make arrival and departure times hassle free and give your child a good feeling about coming and going.