About the Staff

All our full time staff are either Government Licensed E.C.E (Early Childhood Educated) teachers or in training. They hold current First Aid Certificates and are required to update their training with courses or workshops throughout the year

All our part time staff members have some form of childcare experience and hold current First Aid Certificates. They may be fully trained ECE Teachers, in training or waiting to enter the ECE program.

The centre also employs Grade 11 or 12 students to help out afterschool. The students have all been recommended to us by school counsellors and have some child care experience. All students are supervised and monitored by a qualified staff member.

Occasionally, the centre accepts an ECE student on work experience. The student will receive hands on training at our centre to provide them with the experience needed to obtain their license. All student activities are carefully supervised and monitored. The centre also benefits by having students as they bring in new ideas and concepts that broaden our knowledge.

All full and part time staff as well as volunteers and students working at the centre have passed a Criminal record check.

Please do not hesitate to approach and talk to any of the staff members. The staff is glad to lend an ear, a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on if needed.