Principles & Philosophies

  • To create the foundation that begins their young journey.
  • To create a well rounded program using a combination of all the teaching styles of the Early Chilhood Education program
  • To guide, encourage and help the children grow into themselves.
  • To nurture and be by their side as they grow and develop.
  • To treat every child as they are; a very important person who will shape our future with lots to give.
  • To always be an active listener and their role model.
  • to provide a place that is welcoming to all.
  • To encourage growth and independence.
  • To encourage curiosity, critical thinking and out-of-the-box ideas.
  • To foster life skills.
  • To foster school readiness skills.
  • To create an environment filled with opportunities for all types of learners.
  • To create a worry-free environment for parents to always feel at ease with the care their child receives.