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UPDATE JUL 2023 - Call to Register

There are a few spaces left for our summer camp for August for ages 3 to 5 both full time and part time.

There are a few spaces left in our fall program for September 2023.

Please call to register.

Special Message Regarding COVID-19

As COV-ID still exists, our practices and decisions are made in an effort to keep all our children, and their families, healthy and safe during these times. We are here for your family need.

Our Teaching Methods

Teddy Sir Andrew's Childcare offers a combined style of all methods of creating a unique combination program. This program is offered in all our JR. kindergarten, preschool, play ground, summer camp and registered drop-in.

In our unique program, your child will grow and develop into themselves, experiencing their learning through using the combined mixture of the Early Childhood Education methods, allowing your child to find their perfect balance no matter how they learn visually, auditory, tactile or kinesthetic. Through this method so many opportunities are presented for a well-rounded program for development in all areas intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically. The children will develop school readiness skills for elementary school, learn about the world around them and the great outdoors, learn how to play and make friends, learn social etiquette, learn about themselves have fun and so much more.

Our programs are based on the MRT concept. MRT stands for Montessori, Reggio and Traditional which are 3 main types of Early Learning teaching methods. The MRT concept uses the best concepts from these learning styles and combines them into one well rounded, educational early learning program for each age group.

Our mission is to create the foundation that begins their younger journey, helping to shape who they will later grow up to be. To not only be a part of that journey, but be there with every step while at the center with guidance and encouragement.